New Canopy Programs by United Educators Offers Strategic Approach to Harassment

March 21, 2017

Bethesda, MD – Colleges and universities can now take a comprehensive and strategic approach to harassment issues affecting all campus audiences and divisions through a new portfolio of services launched today as Canopy Programs by United Educators (UE).

“Campus Forward: The Harassment Initiative,” is the only harassment/Title IX-based risk management offering for higher education institutions that combines and connects programs for all campus audiences and departments, with a focus on both long- and short-term goals.  “Canopy Programs is positioned to provide a deeper and more impactful approach to risk management, because it draws upon United Educators’ strong expertise and understanding of this area, as well as its extensive database of education-specific insurance claims,” says Constance Neary, vice president for risk management at United Educators. 

In fact, between 2011 and 2015, UE received notice of more than 1,000 incidents where a college or university student was a victim of campus sexual assault. The average settlement in those cases that went to court was nearly $350,000, and some were over $1 million.  

“Leaders from many small to mid-sized colleges have told us they find it frustrating to purchase programs for different campus groups, from students to board members, from numerous providers,” Neary adds. “The result can be expensive and unsatisfactory.  They want to work together strategically across campus audiences and units to deal with immediate harassment-related threats and to develop a comprehensive plan for the future.”

Campus Forward provides a cost-effective, single source for all campus needs, combining on-site personalized consulting, in-person meetings with subject matter experts, training, courses, and learning assessments.  As Neary observes, “It is designed to enable campus leaders to work with all constituencies to create the safe and secure environment that will enable the institution to move to greater financial health and self-sufficiency.”

Canopy Programs plans to expand its portfolio of programs with a second offering in the near future. Additional offerings will address other risk management issues in which UE has extensive expertise and resources, such as employment lifecycle risks, campus security, child abuse prevention, facilities, and data security.