New Online Training Offers Institutions Guidance to Prevent Workplace Discrimination

June 09, 2020

Although higher education institutions have shifted to operating through a virtual workforce setting during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there’s still a crucial need for training staff and faculty to prevent perpetual risks such as harassment and discrimination.

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), which enforces federal laws prohibiting employment discrimination, announced in recent months that it had received nearly 73,000 charges of workplace discrimination in fiscal year 2019.

Retaliation was most frequently filed charge last fiscal year; it allegedly occurred in nearly 54% of all charges filed. Common charges of discrimination also included disability (33.4%), race (33.0%), sex (32.4%) and age (21.4%). Note that since some charges allege multiple bases, the total percentages listed exceed 100%.

Colleges and universities seeking an online training option to reduce instances of harassment and discrimination should learn more about Canopy Programs’ new Workplace Harassment Prevention learning program for higher education. The program, composed of a comprehensive suite of training modules, was crafted to empower institutions and their community members to create more respectful and civil workplaces — helping them identify and adopt measures to stop inappropriate behavior and conduct.

The program addresses workplace harassment fundamentals, preventing sexual harassment, and bystander intervention for all employees. A fourth module, “Preventing Discrimination and Harassment,” contains content specifically for supervisors.

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