• Student Sexual Assault Claims: When Alleged Perpetrators Become Plaintiffs

    Of the hundreds of claims related to student sexual assault on campus handled by United Educators (UE) in its 30-year history, the vast majority were filed by alleged sexual assault victims. However, in recent years, the number of claims filed by alleged perpetrators has increased.

    This white paper from Canopy Programs provides analysis of claims brought by alleged student sexual assault perpetrators at higher ed institutions over a five-year period that resulted in a financial loss to the institution. These claims demonstrate that the work being done on campus to fairly adjudicate these matters—always fraught with emotion and often clouded by the involvement of alcohol—needs further attention. 

    Use the findings in the paper to help assess and strengthen your institution’s policies, practices, and culture. 

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    The High Cost of Student-Victim Sexual Assault Claims: What Institutions Can Do
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