• The High Cost of Student-Victim Sexual Assault Claims

    Colleges and universities are spending more time, effort, and finances on harassment and sexual assault issues than ever before. Most specialists in the field predict that, even if the new administration cuts back on support for the Office of Civil Rights, the trend will continue.

    Canopy Programs’ white paper, "The High Cost of Student-Victim Sexual Assault Claims," features data gathered by United Educators (UE) based on its experience in managing education-related claims of harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence. These claims cost colleges and universities millions of dollars. For smaller colleges, especially, losing a lawsuit can prove disastrous.

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    UE's research, as outlined in this report, has led to the development of a new portfolio of services, Canopy Programs, that has just launched its first offering, Campus Forward: The Harassment Initiative. This comprehensive strategic approach, combining customized online training with tailored consulting services, will greatly expand options on the risk prevention front -- and protect the finances of higher education institutions for the short and long term.

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