• Canopy Programs provides tailored online training designed to address the issues that threaten the success of schools, colleges and universities, such as harassment, sexual violence, and data security.

    These issues can keep an institution from delivering on its mission, negatively affect reputation, and impact the bottom line. Our learning programs, developed by United Educators (UE), draw from over 30 years of experience handling claims and helping administrators address the unique risks of the educational setting.

    Education-specific scenarios form the basis for our learning programs. These realistic examples and simulations immerse the learner and aid in retaining information. When individuals are aware of high-risk situations, they are more likely to avoid them or respond in a manner that would prevent an incident. 

    Use our courses to:

    • Prevent incidents and claims: Heighten awareness of high-risk and unlawful behaviors to help safeguard your campus
    • Engage learners on timely topics: Provide immersive learning experiences using our highly rated courses based on education scenarios

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