• Clery Compliance Toolset: Mandatory Reporting Simplified

    Satisfying the Clery Act’s myriad reporting requirements takes time and money that resource-stretched campus security departments often don’t have. However, not complying can result in large fines, publicity that could damage an institution’s reputation, and a less secure campus environment.

    The Clery Compliance Toolset (CCT) addresses these challenges through one, easy-to-use system for developing policies and procedures, logging incidents, and generating an Annual Security Report (ASR).

    A one-year subscription to the CCT costs significantly less than one Clery Act violation and can greatly reduce legal costs.

    Customized Reporting

    Use the CCT on your campus to:

    • Develop security policies and procedures
    • Log crime and fire incidents
    • Request and log crime statistics from local law enforcement
    • Generate Daily Crime Logs and Annual Security Reports

    Why Use the Clery Compliance Toolset?

    Use the CCT to store and maintain policies, procedures, and incident data allowing your campus security team to:

    • Save time: Record incidents as they happen through an easy-to-use, efficient interface. Eliminate the year-end scramble to find and log incidents!
    • Save money: Well-documented policies and complete records in one secure system will lead to reduced legal fees and fines.
    • Use resources more efficiently: With this easy-to-use interface, security staff will file reports more rapidly so that they can focus on other matters. The custom-built algorithm will determine whether an incident belongs in the ASR and prompts will ensure that records are complete.
    • Provide quick, accurate access: Eliminate the risk of referencing outdated information.
    • Improve campus communications: When incidents are logged as they occur, generating a daily crime log or ASR can happen with one mouse click! When reports are easier to generate, communicating status throughout the campus becomes less stressful.
    • Peace of mind: Rest easier knowing that staff have a well-designed tool for recording and reporting.

    Getting the Most out of the Clery Compliance Toolset

    Use these four steps to streamline your Clery Act compliance:

    1. Develop Policies and Procedures

    • General safety and security
    • Drugs and alcohol
    • Dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault, and stalking (VAWA)
    • Timely warnings and emergency response
    • Missing students
    • Fire safety

    These policies and procedures are automatically inserted into the ASR and can be downloaded for distribution. And, when it’s time to create policies for a new compliance year, the previous year’s information is available to use or update as needed.

    2. Log Crimes and Fires
    As campus security staff use the CCT to log crime or fire incidents, the tool uses decision-tree analysis to suggest next steps and determine whether or not to include the incident in the ASR, based on Clery reporting requirements.

    3. Request and Log Crime Statistics from Local Law Enforcement
    The Clery Act requires an institution to request crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies with jurisdiction over any part of the institution’s Clery geography. Use the CCT to create a letter and document your request for crime statistics from local law enforcement agencies.

    Then, record those crimes in the CCT to be included in the crime statistics portion of the ASR.

    4. Generate Daily Crime Logs and Annual Security Reports
    Use the CCT to generate and then publish the Daily Crime Log for your campus. This will ensure compliance with legal requirements and reveal gaps in information.

    When it’s time to generate your ASR, run the report from the CCT. Your report will include your policies and procedures,as well as statistics for the past three calendar years. The report will also be customized with your institution’s logo and contact information.

    Request a Demo

    For additional information or to schedule a demo contact Brenda Tappan, account manager, at btappan@CanopyPrograms.org or (866) 722-6679. 

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