• Enterprise risk management (ERM) doesn't need to be daunting. 

    In fact, what’s most important is to keep your ERM program moving forward, whether you’re just getting started or have already taken steps to implement a program on your campus.

    The consulting from Canopy Programs leverages United Educators' extensive claims data and education expertise to help schools:

    • Take a proactive approach to identifying and managing risks
    • Align stakeholders in your approach to ERM
    • Overcome the challenges of ERM adoption on campus

    What We Offer

    A team of dedicated risk management consultants will:

    • Lead a full-day workshop with the key leaders on your campus
    • Walk you through the steps of ERM and guide attendees in creating deliverables specific to your institution, such as a risk register, heat map, and risk report
    • Work with you beforehand to:
      • Learn about your current risk management efforts and tailor the workshop to fit your needs 
      • Craft your ERM goals
      • Determine which team members would benefit most from attending
    • Follow-up after the workshop to address common barriers and encourage continued action

    Our objective is to leave your team equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to establish goals and proactively manage risk on campus.


    The workshop can be conducted on your campus or in a virtual setting. We are happy to discuss what will work best for your institution.

    ERM Resources

    Podcast: Why ERM Is More Important Than Ever During or After a Global Pandemic
    Article: Three Keys to a Successful ERM Program

  • I highly recommend this program for anyone who is sure that they need to establish a risk management process, but don't have the staff, training, or experience to know where to begin.
    Chief Information Officer- ERM workshop participant