• At Canopy Programs, we are committed to helping colleges and universities prevent and respond to these risks through tailored online training that presents scenarios based on real data. Our learning programs, developed by United Educators (UE), draw on over 30 years of experience handling claims in the education world.

    Education-Specific Scenarios

    Education-specific, real-life scenarios are the basis for our learning programs. When individuals understand the risks posed by certain situations, they are more likely to avoid them or respond in a manner that prevents an incident. The scenarios presented are based on analysis of claims that have been reported to UE throughout the years.

    As federal and state laws focus on training to address important issues in education and protect students, our learning programs can help. Courses such as Mosaic: Prevent Sexual Violence Together and Impressions educate students, faculty, and staff on preventing and reporting sexual assault. And, our data security course on phishing provides learners with a high-level overview of phishing scams and practical tips for avoiding them.

    Featured Learning Programs

    Avoiding Supervisory Pitfalls

    Data Security

    FERPA: Protecting Student Privacy

    HIPAA: Protecting Patient Privacy

    Impressions: Preventing and Reporting Sexual Assault

    Mosaic: Prevent Discrimination, Harassment, and Sexual Violence

    Protecting Children From Sexual Misconduct

    Custom Services

    Our learning programs can be tailored to incorporate your institution’s policies, logo, and colors. This allows the online learning experience to integrate with other training initiatives, better fit the campus culture, and improve training rollout, implementation, and completion rates. Learn More


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