• The issues of data security, sexual misconduct, and workplace harassment—pressing concerns on any college campus—present unique challenges for administrators. Overcoming these challenges requires a commitment to educating the entire campus community on specific ways to keep students, faculty, and staff safe from harm.

    The online training from Canopy Programs can help. Our education-specific learning programs are:

    • Vetted by higher ed administrators
    • Data-driven and based on real-life scenarios
    • Hosted in a portal that can include your institution's policies, logo, and colors

    Learning Programs

    Courses can be purchased individually without having to commit to an entire suite or a multi-year agreement.

    **NEW: COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention course**
    **Also coming in 2020: Golf cart safety, hazing, and substance abuse**

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  • We genuinely appreciate the collegial relationship, the high quality of people and research, and the commitment to serving the very specific needs of the education community.
    Director of risk management- private university