• The issues of data security, sexual misconduct, and workplace harassment—pressing concerns on any college campus—present unique challenges for administrators. Overcoming these challenges requires a commitment to educating the entire campus community on specific ways to keep students, faculty, and staff safe from harm.

    The online training from Canopy Programs can help. Our education-specific learning programs are:

    • Vetted by higher ed administrators
    • Data-driven and based on real-life scenarios
    • Hosted in a portal that can include your institution's policies, logo, and colors

    Featured Learning Programs

    An affordable way to learn. Courses can be purchased individually without having to commit to an entire suite.

    Additional Learning Programs
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    • Alcohol Awareness and Prevention
    • Concussion Awareness
    • Contracting Fundamentals
    • Crisis Response Planning
    • Driver Safety
    • Intervene
    • Short-Term International Programs
    • Student Title IX, Alcohol, and Respect Training (START)
    • Teaching Science Safely
    • Workplace Harassment Prevention
    • Youth Athletics

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    Custom Services

    Our learning programs are hosted in a portal that features single sign-on, tailored messaging, and your institution’s policies, logo, and colors. These customizations provide you with:

    • Seamless integration with other training initiatives
    • Alignment with the campus culture
    • Improved rollout, implementation, and completion rates

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