• Disability accommodations are intended to eliminate or minimize barriers to services. Designed primarily for higher ed faculty, this course addresses several issues related to students with disabilities, including how accommodations change for students when transitioning between K-12 and higher ed, types of disabilities and common accommodations, how professors should engage and accommodate students with disabilities, and accommodating students outside the classroom.

    accommodating disabilities screenshot

    Topics covered:

    • Changes in disability accommodations for students between K-12 and higher ed
    • How common types of disabilities affect students
    • Names of common accommodations for different types of disabilities
    • The professor’s role in the accommodation process
    • The disability service office's (DSO) role in initiating and facilitating student accommodations at your institution
    • The benefits that accommodations for students with disabilities can have for able-bodied students
    Audience: Faculty
    Course length: 15 minutes

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