• Misuse of alcohol and drugs can have a wide range of serious consequences, including academic failure, injuries, and death. The CDC has recently stated that almost 70% of drug overdose deaths in 2018 involved opioids. This learning program emphasizes a harm-reduction approach that teaches students who choose to drink ways to use alcohol responsibly and informs students of the misconceptions and dangers associated with the illicit use of opioids.

    know your limit

    Know Your Limit

    Topics include:

    • The importance of moderating alcohol intake
    • The dangers of binge drinking
    • Ways to intervene if friends have had too much to drink
    Audience: Students
    Course length: 30 minutes

    Opioids: What You Need to Know

    Topics include:

    • Recognizing the scope of the opioid problem and how it might affect you
    • Describing the risks of accidental overdose (OD) and addiction
    • Debunking common opioid misconceptions
    Audience: Students
    Course length: 20 minutes

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