• Misuse of alcohol can have a wide range of serious consequences, including academic failure, injuries, sexual assault, and death. The key to addressing this problem is getting new students to recognize that there’s a better way. This learning program emphasizes a harm-reduction approach that teaches students who choose to drink ways to use alcohol responsibly.

    Course: Know Your Limit

    know your limit screenshot

    Topics covered:

    • The importance of moderating alcohol intake
    • The dangers of binge drinking
    • Ways to intervene if friends have had too much to drink
    Audience: Students
    Course length: 30 minutes

    Course: Alcohol: How Do You Measure Up?

    This tool lets students examine their drinking habits and compare them to their peers. It highlights impact such as:

    • Possible adverse outcomes
    • Money spent on drinks
    • Caloric intake
    Audience: Students
    Course length: 20 minutes

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