• Offenses like sexual violence and discrimination diminish the entire campus community.

    Addressing these problems is a top priority for colleges and universities—and it’s the right thing to do. This learning program was developed to help your institution navigate today’s complicated regulatory environment.

    Teach all employees how to identify, address, and prevent:

    • Workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation
    • Sexual assault, intimate partner violence, and stalking

    Course: Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together

    Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together Screenshot Learn to identify, prevent, and respond to workplace harassment, discrimination, and retaliation in higher education. How can we best respect differences and see things from the perspective of others? A version of this course specific to CA legislation is available.

    Audience: Faculty, staff, supervisors

    Course: Prevent Sexual Violence Together

    Prevent Discrimination and Harassment Together ScreenshotExamine how sexual violence, intimate partner violence, and stalking affects campus communities. What are these offenses, how can you recognize them, and what can each person do to help put an end to them?

    Audience: Faculty, staff, supervisors


    • An intuitive, mobile-optimized interface that reflects the way people access and interact with online content
    • A dynamic and contemporary design that engages learners, fosters fast-paced learning, and holds attention
    • Story-based learning modules that address specific ways to identify, prevent, and respond to these issues

    Custom Services

    Our learning programs can be tailored to incorporate your institution’s policies, logo, and colors. This allows the online learning experience to integrate with other training initiatives, better fit the campus culture, and improve training rollout, implementation, and completion rates. Learn More

  • I’ve participated in this type of training for over 20 years. This was the best delivery of the material I’ve ever seen. The examples were relevant to my work and engaging. Excellent job!
    - Mosaic online training course participant