• From data security to sexual misconduct and workplace harassment, K-12 administrators focus each day on addressing the issues that threaten their school communities.

    Canopy Programs helps schools prevent and respond to these risks through tailored online training based on real issues faced in education. Our learning programs, developed by United Educators (UE), draw on more than 30 years of experience handling claims in the education world.

    Education-Specific Scenarios

    Education-specific, real-life scenarios are the basis for our learning programs. When individuals understand the risks posed by certain situations, they are more likely to avoid them or respond in a manner that prevents an incident.

    Our Protecting Children learning program educates faculty and staff on preventing and responding to incidents of sexual misconduct. And, our data security course on phishing provides learners with a high-level overview of phishing scams and practical tips for avoiding them.

    Featured Learning Programs

    Courses can be purchased individually without having to commit to an entire suite or a multi-year agreement.
    **NEW: COVID-19 Awareness and Prevention course**

  • It was informative and well-constructed. The presentation method used was engaging, effective, and kept my attention throughout. It made a very difficult subject surprisingly absorbing.
    - Protecting Children learning program participant