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Make Your Campus a Harassment-Safe Zone

Canopy Programs takes a comprehensive approach to issues of workplace harassment, discrimination, and sexual violence through Campus Forward: The Harassment Initiative. This program enables colleges and universities to blend best practices with unique aspects of their institution, and engages multiple stakeholders to amplify the impact of efforts. Creating a respectful, inclusive campus culture can be most effectively facilitated through a joint effort among student affairs, human resources, the business office, and other key roles on campus. 
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Avg cost of sexual assault claim filed against a higher ed institution: $60 million  
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Student Sexual Assault Claims: When Alleged Perpetrators Become Plaintiffs

Our white paper provides analysis of claims brought by students alleged to have committed sexual assault at higher ed institutions.

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Canopy Programs offers free webinars to institutions that address today's most critical governance issues.

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Canopy Programs leverages the extensive data and expertise of United Educators, education’s own insurance company, to inform business officers on strategies to safeguard their students, as well as their institution’s financial health and reputation. Check out our blogs on the most pressing issues faced by colleges and universities today—and how to address them.

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Academic Freedom, the First Amendment, and Harassment: Where Do You Draw the Line?

What should an institution do when a faculty member expresses views that seem to antagonize and offend members of a protected class?

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OCR Withdraws 2011 DCL and 2014 Q&A on Campus Sexual Misconduct and Issues New Q&A

On Sept. 22, 2017, the Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights issued a new “Dear Colleague” letter withdrawing the 2011 DCL and 2014 Q&A.

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