• Canopy Programs is committed to working with educational institutions to help foster ideal environments in which to work, discover, and learn. These resources were created to help campus leaders proactively address key risks so that they can focus on delivering their mission. We encourage you to use and share these blogs and webinars that address critical issues such as sexual misconduct, data security, and workplace harassment.  

    Blog: Ahead of the Curve

    Our blog provides recommendations for addressing the most pressing issues faced by schools, colleges, and universities today. Ahead of the Curve uses the extensive data and expertise that is unique to United Educators (UE) to inform administrators on strategies to safeguard their students, as well as their institution’s financial health and reputation. Read Blog

    Webinar: Phishing and Other Cybersecurity Issues: Q&A With Experts

    Join us for a conversation on phishing and other cybersecurity issues facing colleges and universities today. This is primarily a Q&A session, so come prepared with questions! Our subject matter experts will also share examples of recent cases and discuss best practices for protecting your institution. Register Now