• Provide faculty and staff with a high-level overview of data security issues and learn how your institution can avoid data breaches.

    Course: Phishing

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    Topics covered:
    - Understanding what motivates scammers to deploy phishing emails
    - Staying vigilant when using institutional email
    - Seeking help when encountering a phishing scam

    Course: Malware

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    Topics covered:
    - Why academia is a target of malware attacks
    - Different types of malware
    - How malware can be delivered
    - The increasing threat posed by malware, especially ransomware
    - What to do when encountering a malware attack

    Course: Passwords

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    Topics covered:
    - What makes a good password
    - Best practices for using passwords
    - The importance of creating a unique password for each website
    - What password managers are and how they work
    - The basics of multifactor authentication

    Course: Physical Security and Unintended Disclosures

    physical security Screenshot

    Topics covered:
    - The risk of allowing physical access to physical files and electronic devices
    - Types of sensitive data at academic institutions that can be exposed
    - The importance of preventing unauthorized access to secured buildings
    - The importance of locking unattended physical files and electronic devices
    - Staying mindful of inadvertent disclosures
    - The risks of device theft while traveling

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