• A workplace free from harassment fosters a positive work environment, builds a sense of community, and reinforces the shared mission that is unique to higher education institutions.

    This comprehensive learning program consists of a foundational workplace harassment prevention course for all employees. For supervisors, the foundational course is supplemented with a module containing differentiated content for managers. The training solution contains additional courses on sexual harassment and bystander intervention for all employees.

    Course: Workplace Harassment Prevention ─ Faculty & Staff

    workplace harassment screenshot

    Topics covered:

    • Retaliation and why it's illegal
    • Federal definitions of protected categories
    • How malware can be delivered
    • Behaviors considered to be harassment
    • Ways to report and stop harassing behavior
    Audience: Faculty, staff
    Course length: 30 minutes

    Course: Workplace Harassment Prevention ─ Supervisors

    Topics covered:

    • How to handle reports of discrimination, including harassment, from employees 
    • Recognizing steps to take to ensure employees feel safe and supported and your institution is protected after reports occur
    • How to avoid retaliation or the appearance of it if an accusation is made
    • This course also covers the objectives addressed in Workplace Harassment Prevention ─ Faculty & Staff
    Audience: Supervisors 
    Course length: 20 minutes

    Course: Preventing Sexual Harassment

    preventing sexual harassment screenshot

    Topics covered:

    • Definition of sexual harassment 
    • Various behaviors that could be considered sexual harassment
    • Recognizing harassers and who can be harassed on campus 
    • How to differentiate between quid pro quo and hostile environment harassment
    • Matching harassment types with the primary two types of harassment behaviors
    • Recognizing common side-effects of sexual harassment for victims
    Audience: Faculty, staff 
    Course length: 30 minutes

    Course: Bystander Intervention

    Topics covered:

    • The importance of bystander intervention in maintaining a healthy workplace 
    • The psychological reasons why intervention can be difficult
    • The steps involved in an intervention
    • Recognizing common side-effects for victims of sexual harassment
    Audience: Faculty, staff
    Course length: 30 minutes

    Course: Preventing Cyberharassment (coming fall 2020)